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Butterfly House

One of the most interesting destinations in the Oberlausitz is the Butterfly House Jonsdorf. Enjoy your holiday in the Oberlausitz amidst tropical trees and animals.

In the 500 m² large, octagonal flight hall about 250 exotic butterflies can feel at home. The approximately 35 species come from 4 different continents: South – and Central America, Africa and Southeast Asia.

Here in the Butterfly House Jonsdorf you can experience first hand the diverse lives of butterflies, surrounded by palm trees, ivy and banana trees. Without separating nets or grids and young and old alike can experience the bizarre flight behavior of hundreds of butterflies and the shining or sometimes camouflaged colors of these insects.

On the terrace you can relax with a coffee and enjoy every single ray of sunshine.

Opening Hours

We are open daily from
10:00 clock to 18.00 clock
all year round.
also on Sundays and public holidays.


Call us at:
0049 35844 76420
During the opening times listed above we are always available!