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Seawater Aquarium

The 3 meter long saltwater aquarium in the lobby is a very special eye-catcher. You can discover colorful coral fish (basslets, anemone fish, doctor fish, sea urchins, shrimp) and 20 different kinds of corals and anemones in this basin.
(lat. Hippocampus reidi)

Our newest residents are found in the western Atlantic from Carolina to Brazil near the coast. Since seahorses have very small fins, they are not necessarily the very best swimmers. In order to catch food (zooplankton), they are therefore dependent on holding onto algae or corals with their prey tails. With a little luck, you can see – and hear – in our exhibition how the seahorses suck in their prey with the help of negative pressure. An occupation that the fish belonging to the group of pipefish have to pursue all day long because they lack a stomach. The reproduction of the seahorses is also rather unusual: every 4 weeks the females lay around 200 eggs in the brood pouch of the man, who releases the offspring around 24 days later after hatching.

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