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Finish your beautiful and exciting day trip in Saxony’s unique butterfly house, with a strengthening meal in our cafeteria. Here we’ve got something for every taste.

Coffee and cake
In our cafeteria we have a variety of coffee and cake, you can make yourself comfortable and have a great view of the garden of the butterfly house.

When you get a little hungry, from the exciting adventures in our tropical house, there is also an ample lunch offer in the cafeteria. From wiener sausage, french fries, hamburgers, etc. to apple strudel or hot raspberrys there is something for everyone. NEW! Since the normal portions are a bit large for small children, we also have smaller dishes such as small portions of chips, nuggets, mini pizza etc.

Soft ice cream
Since tropical temperatures prevail here, we also have a large selection of popsicles and ice cream. On the terrace our guests can enjoy an iced chocolate or iced coffee.

Our Butterfly House is worth a day trip to Saxony.

Opening Hours

We are open daily from
10:00 clock to 18.00 clock
all year round.
also on Sundays and public holidays.


Call us at:
0049 35844 76420
During the opening times listed above we are always available!